Marketing that helps you grow.

You run your business. We’ll manage your marketing.

Comprehensive Ad Planning and Budgeting

Many small business owners are jack-of-all-trades: order taker and order maker, store designer and cleaning crew, lawyer and accountant. For many small businesses, advertising happens when a persuasive salesperson drops by at the right time. Are you giving your advertising and marketing the attention it deserves?

Planning your advertising ahead allows you to look at the overall expenditures, expectations and goals more logically. It is easier to measure, you’ll often get a better price, and your advertising will have more focus and purpose.

Media Buying and Placement

Stop being hounded by media sales people. We can handle all media requests for you, and present only the best options that make the most sense for your business. This will leave you free to concentrate on the tasks you enjoy most and at which you are most proficient.

Strategy and Research

Competition for attention is strong. Businesses must sell harder and smarter to increase brand awareness and market share. Before a business can decide where, when or what to advertise, they must first understand who is most likely to need what they are offering. We can help you determine who your target audience is, and how best to reach them.

Advertising Plans

Once we understand who is most likely to need what you are offering, the next step will be to research all advertising options to determine which ones are most appropriate. The annual plan will fit the defined budget and will make efficient use of frequency discounts and combo rates. A strategy will be developed to attract new customers and retain existing customers.

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