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Digital home theater set up: access music and movies from any computer

Digital Home Theater set up

Is your music/movie collection still on CD and DVD?

Would you like to have it all in one place, available on-demand from any computer in your home? We can set up your digital home theater for you.

Modern technology brings many advantages to music and movie, and we offer a number of options to organize your entire collection, making it easily accessible, safe from threats, and excellent in quality.

Storing your media in digital form makes it possible to browse by artist, title or subject matter. You can create playlists for your portable devices so you can listen and watch wherever you go. Another bonus is you no longer need to store all those CDs and DVDs in your living space.

With all digital media, there is a trade-off between quality and file size. We know how to make this trade-off so you can store as much high quality content as possible. With all your media in one place, you’ll spend less time managing the library and more time enjoying it.

Media center integration

We can turn your whole house into a digital home theater media center. Control what you play in every room from a handheld device, such as your cell phone. Integrate all components of a home theater in a single unit co-located with a home entertainment system for a seamless media center experience.

Digital home theater: Sonos set up, AirPlay, and Synology

We specialize in solutions based on Sonos, AirPlay, and Synology technologies.

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