What is The Difference Between DIY and Professional Development

It is easy to understand why building your own website, doing it DIY, can be tempting: professional website development isn’t cheap. Independent business people and entrepreneurs are ingenious folk. The nature of the business means we do it all. And what can be handled in house we do. I mean, what’s the difference? If you can do it yourself, why not, right?

Sorry. Not true.

For an analogy, consider the services of doctors, lawyers, and accountants. There are some things you can do on your own: bandage a wound, pay a ticket, or file a quarterly tax return. But there are bigger projects that you just wouldn’t take on. There are things that are just too important to your health and your business to risk by trying to save a couple of bucks.

And that’s how we see our role. We want to build you a website that you can update and maintain yourself. We’ll handle the larger, more complicated tasks, and when new requirements are introduced to the industry, we let you know so you can choose how best to adapt.

So concentrate on the thing you do best. Build your business, nurture your customers and your staff, focus on the things you love to do and that you can have the biggest impact on. Leave the website to the professionals and your money will be better spent, your business improved and your life easier.

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