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Netiquette Tip: Email Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation

Email communications may be even more important than you realized. When you deal with it professionally, your company will have an important competitive edge. Additionally, by educating employees, you protect your company from awkward liability issues.

Email Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation

Email in the workplace is so commonplace that we often forget that it is business correspondence. While everyone has their own writing style, there are some simple rules you can follow to ensure your emails will be warmly and productively received.

Avoid sending email with errors. Read it aloud before sending, and by all means, use spell check. Is the tone conversational and friendly yet professional? Be polite.

My favorite thing about email is the ability to archive, label and retrieve past communication, but this also means that all errors are on record. Emails can be copied, posted, and forwarded. By putting the time into a well-written message, you will improve your online communication and are more likely to receive the response you need.

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