How Can I Tell if My Computer is Running Genuine Windows 7?

A client recently contacted us about a popup that had appeared on their PC.

Genuine Windows - Windows Activation Technologies
The popup says “This computer is not running genuine Windows” and includes a button labelled “Resolve online now.” Instead of just clicking the button, they did the smart thing and contacted us. We were able to show them how to verify whether their computer is running genuine Windows 7:

How to tell if your computer is running genuine Windows 7.

  1. Click the Start menu and select Control Panel.
  2. If you’re viewing by Category, click on System and Security.
  3. Click on System.
  4. Scroll down to the area at the bottom labelled “Windows activation.”
  5. On the left it should say “Windows is activated” and on the right you should see the “genuine Microsoft” logo (see below).

is my Windows 7 genuine?

Assuming your copy is genuine, there may be an internal problem with the Windows 7 validation check. You can find out more by visiting Microsoft’s About Genuine Windows support page. It’s also possible that the popup is bogus, designed to trick you into clicking on something malicious. If you’re not sure, contact Microsoft directly to resolve the problem.

If your copy of Windows 7 isn’t genuine, the only option is to buy a genuine copy from a reputable source.

6 thoughts on “How Can I Tell if My Computer is Running Genuine Windows 7?”

  1. Hi, few years back I bought a Lenovo ThinkPad T430, when I purchase this laptop it was bundled with Windows 7/8 and we were told that we are free to upgrade it to Windows 10 if we want to.

    Recently we sent the laptop for.upgrading. to add on another SDD hard disk, because the speed is too slow. After done the upgrading, I check on the System page, but I don’t see any logo next to the activation key. Does it mean my laptop’s Windows is now become pirated Windows?

    If yes, how to fix it?

  2. The System page, just like your example above, shows the “genuine Microsoft” logo/stamp/tag(?) and indicates that “Windows is activated”. Yet I’m still, constantly getting the “This computer is not running genuine Windows” popup. I cannot resolve the issue online as the process keeps taking me to dead-ends. When I do get to the window with the “Verify” button, it takes me to a blank window that does nothing. When I try to “Download”, or “Download as”, it will not comply and also does nothing. This is an old computer that I bought new from Dell with Win 7 Ultimate pre-loaded, and I started having issues with it after the HDD started presenting problems and I cloned it to a newer, larger drive. Issues started popping up, primarily with Outlook, but also with Update (can’t use) and Troubleshooter (can’t use) and the constant “not genuine” popup. Help?

    • Hi Walt,

      My guess is there is latent corruption in one or more system files from when the original hard drive began to fail. I suggest finding a competent tech to backup all your data and do a fresh install of Windows and all your programs. Make sure you have all the license keys you need first. If you don’t have them handy, a tool like Belarc Advisor can retrieve them for you. If you’re anywhere near ZIP code 12037, contact me directly and we can set up an appointment.

      Good luck!

  3. I know an easy fix for people who know they have genuine windows, but it says they don’t:
    Open the cmd in administrator (Go into start and type cmd, right click and run as admin)
    Copy and paste this command: SLMGR -REARM
    Press Enter
    Restart your computer

    I guarantee this to work if you have build 7600 / 7601

    • Interesting. It looks like that’s only a temporary fix, e.g. if you’re in a 30-day trial period, you can extend it.

      Please note, I’m deleting your 2nd comment because the article you linked generates a lot of annoying popups and includes some very bad advice.

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