Google Plus Cover Photo and Profile Picture

Google Plus Cover photo and profile image

What size should my Facebook Cover Photo and Profile Picture be?

Whether we have a business or personal account, we want our Google + page to look right. If you upload your Google Plus Cover Photo or Profile image that isn’t exactly the size Google wants, then they will automatically crop it to the desired size. This can be frustrating. By uploading the image to the specific size that Google wants, you can avoid this all together.

Google Plus cover photo

Aspect ratio: 16:9
Ideal size is 2120 pixels x 1192 pixels
Minimum 920 pixels x 520 pixels

Google Plus Profile Image

250 pixels wide x 250 pixels high

The image must be square but keep in mind that it will be displayed as a circle.

Facebook has their own set of rules and specifications for Cover Photos and Profile images. See our related blog post addressing this subject.

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