How to Turn Off Facebook Chat

How to Turn Off Facebook ChatThere are many reason why you may want to turn off Facebook chat, permanently or for a specified period of time. Maybe you don’t want to chat with anyone through Facebook, period. Maybe you don’t want invitations to chat with you to pop up while you’re on the page. Or perhaps you don’t want to have Facebook chat sounds disturbing you by coming through your speakers. Whatever your reasons, this will help.

  1. The first thing you need to do is open your Facebook account.
  2. Next, look to the far right hand side. You can see information there about your Pages, Contacts, and Group Conversations.
  3. Now follow the column to the very bottom. There you will see a gray bar with these links: Search, Wheel icon (when you mouse over it it says: options), New Message, and Create New Group.
  4. Click on the wheel icon and a new window will pop up.
  5. Here you can choose to Turn Off Chat Tabs, Turn Off Active Status, Turn Off Video/Voice Calls, and/or Turn Off Post Tabs. Select the item you want to change.


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