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Do you need a new website or a redesign?

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Who you hire for web design can make all the difference

Your business is unique.
Your website should be, too.

What makes a good impression when it comes to website experiences? First impressions are 94% design-related (WebFX). That initial evaluation is likely to remain unchanged even after being given more time to explore the site (Carlton University). Make this all-important interaction one that is satisfying, not confusing or frustrating. Make sure your team includes a web designer.

42% of people would leave a website because of poor functionality (Source). With the tools available today, almost anyone can build a website. But if your goal is to drive new business and nurture existing customers, you need both a competent developer and a designer experienced with websites.

Professional design enhances your brand and can help instill trust in your audience.

What does a web designer bring to the table?

Additionally, a designer experienced with web has the knowledge needed to make a site functional, intuitive and easy to use. Responsive design, the functionality that adjusts the layout to any screen size, makes this possible. This concept is not one that a traditional graphic designer will have experienced in the print world. Graphic designers expect a fixed framework. Web designers know how to create designs that are fluid.

A well-designed website means you are putting your best foot forward. It provides a good user experience and allows your site visitors to access information with ease.

The first contact someone has with your business is likely to be through your website. If you’re able to make a good first impression, people are more likely to remember you. Therefore, it’s important that this interaction be a positive one. To accomplish this, make sure your development team includes a website designer.

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