Tutorials: In person and one-on-one

Are you frustrated with your computer? Do you feel as if you’re just getting by only knowing the basics, but wish you knew more?

We teach individuals and businesses how to make the most of their computers. With just a few tutorial sessions you can learn enough to make working with your computer more pleasurable and productive.

We offer one-on-one computer tutorials to help with the basics:

• sending email
• adding attachments to email
• setting up an address book
• working with digital photos
• organizing computer files
• backing up computer files
• cleaning up the desktop
• keyboard shortcuts
• right-click is your friend

If you’re a more seasoned user, talk to us about the other things you’d like to learn at a tutorial. If you’re concerned about computer security, we can teach you the basics of keeping safe online. We can also help you become more proficient with your favorite software.

Email Robert about a one-on-one tutorial or call 518.392.0846

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