Step One: Open the Image

With Adobe Photoshop, open the image inwhich you would like to add an arrow. For this illustration, I am using a photo of my most recent batch of ginger nut cookies.

Photoshop Arrows - step 1

Step Two: Select the Line Tool

From your toolbar, select the line tool. (If you don’t see the tool bar, go to “Window” in your Menu Bar and select “Tools”).

Photoshop Arrows Step 2

Step Three: Click the Down Arrow in the Options Bar To Style the Line

From the Options Bar (which is located at the top of your screen beneath the Menu Bar) click the down arrow button. (If you don’t see the Options Bar, go to the Window Menu and select “Show Options”.)

Photoshop arrows - step 3

Decide whether you would like to draw the arrow head at the point where you finish drawing the arrow or where you start. Experiment with different line widths by changing the weight.

You can change the shape of the arrow head by changing concavity. This measurement is displayed by percentage and can range from -50% to 50%.

To change the color of the arrow, double click on the layer thumbnail  in the layers palette.

Photoshop arrows step 4

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