How to Remove Semalt from Google Analytics

If you check your Google Analytics thoroughly or regularly, you have probably noticed a number of referrals from Unfortunately, Semalt isn’t sending real people to your website. Semalt is a crawler. It is a bot that visits sites across the web and gathers data. Every time Semalt indexes a website it registers as a new visit and it has a 100% bounce rate.

For websites with significant traffic, it may not have a large effect on the overall statistics, but for a typical lower-traffic site it can wreak havoc – incorrectly inflating a site’s traffic and adversely affecting bounce rate.

For More Accurate Reports, We Recommend Removing Semalt from Google Analytics

Here’s How:

Step 1: Log in to your Google Analytics account.

If you have multiple sites in your Analytics account, you’ll need to adjust each site individually.

Step 2: Select Admin from the horizontal navigation at the top of the page.

Semalt Google Analytics

Step 3. Select View Settings from the far right-hand column.

Semalt Google Analytics: Step 1

Step 4: Check the box under the Bot Filtering heading “Exclude all hits from known bots and spiders” and click SAVE.

Semalt Google Analytics: Step 2

You’re done!

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