We’ve all done it. We’ve all sent an email before we meant to. Whatever the reason, your incomplete (or worse) email is jettisoned off to its intended and there’s no way to ‘un-send’ it.

Ensure that this never happens to you again.

Although the “TO” email address is the first field in your email program, fill it out last. Start instead by creating the subject line. Then write the content, reviewing it to ensure that it conveys exactly what you intend. Then proofread it. Finally, when you’re sure it’s correct, fill in that TO address line.

You’ll find that by altering the order in which you compose your email you avoid the awkwardness that results from accidentally sending it before you finish. Also, by filling in the TO field last, you’ll are forced to think carefully about the address you’re entering, which will also help avoid sending your email to the wrong person.

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