Basic, Low Cost Website Development

Websites have become the cornerstones of communication. They are the heart of a business’ digital marketing.

Even if yours is primarily a brick and mortar business, even if you are a freelancer, having a strong website can mean extra business. Our basic, low cost website may be the right option for you. For many, the first introduction to your business is likely to be online. Potential clients will look for you online. If you have no presence online, they’re going to wonder why. When they find your website and it looks professional, that is how you will be perceived, too. But if the site looks amateurish or doesn’t work, that bad vibe will rub off on you. First impressions matter.

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Your website should be considered an investment rather than simply an expense.

Our Basic Plan is for businesses, organizations and individuals who don’t have a lot of money to spend now, but who understand the value of having a properly built website from the get go.

The best websites are works in progress. As your customer base grows, as your services and products expand, as you begin to understand how your website can improve your business, your website will change, too. Like a starter plan, this Basic Plan allows you to have a professional looking website with a strong foundation that can be added to and improved upon in the years ahead.

What a basic, low cost website includes.

Our Basic Plan gives you a beautiful, uniquely customized, mobile-friendly website, at a low price. With this option you choose a theme and we customize it with your name or logo, and design a custom color scheme to match your brand, if the theme supports it. We’ll format your text and add photos. (We leave it up to you to provide ready-to-use content and photos that best represent your business.)

It is important to understand that this basic, low cost option is an entry level website. We will also install and configure all of the plugins required to make your site look like the theme demo, however, this option does not include making structural changes to the theme. If you need this type of theme customization, we can do that for an additional fee.

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