Website Design and Development

Custom Website Design

Why custom design matters.

A website that appeals to your customers, drives traffic and builds your brand doesn’t happen by chance. Good website design begins with a thorough understanding of your business. First of all, we learn about your customers, their goals and the motivations that drive them. Then we can begin to conceive a structure and layout that will be successful.

The entire project is based on your customer and their needs.

Consequently, your customers are at the heart of everything we do. This is true whether your site is static or involves ecommerce development. The words we write, the images we use, the calls to action we develop, they are all created and selected based on your customer profile.

When you hire, your website will be tailored to your business. No cookie cutter templates here! The goals we set for each project are based on individual needs. Some common goals are to provide a positive user experience, help reach new audiences, build loyalty, and bolster your brand. We believe that users are more likely to return to a site that provides an intuitive and engaging experience.

Experienced Website Development

Why experience matters.

To be effective, your website should convey a feeling of professionalism. It must also clearly state what differentiates your business from the competition. Your website should address the needs and concerns of your customers and most importantly, it should make the path to purchasing clear.

Our two-person team has been creating signature online experiences for more than 15 years. As a result, we have hundreds of satisfied, enthusiastic clients.

Just having a website isn’t enough.

Any business or organization that wants to grow needs a website that is well thought-out. It should be built with current technology and it should answer the questions and concerns of the site visitor. Creating a website that reflects well on an organization and promotes a sense of credibility takes forethought, planning, and knowledgeable execution.

Finally, we want our clients feel comfortable reaching out to us. Therefore, we make it a priority to be informed. We keep up-to-date on web trends, learn about new features, and attend industry events. Doing this gives us the background and foundation to offer good solid advice about website development.

Successful Ecommerce Sales

Why our ecommerce development services are better.

With a mobile-friendly, search engine optimized ecommerce website, you will be able to easily manage your store from anywhere. You will also have confidence that your site is secure and supported. In addition, you will have total store control, access to detailed sales reports, inventory tracking, and valuable customer information. Most importantly, we’ll instruct you on how to use the system. And we’re always here ready to lend a hand.

We understand the factors that can influence ecommerce success.

By focusing on your specific business, your customers and your market, we will deliver a website programmed for long-term success. When you hire for ecommerce development, you get all the benefits of a mobile-friendly custom website design, plus the ability to sell online.

  • Payment gateway accepting all major credit cards, with options for alternatives such as PayPal
  • One page checkout and persistent shopping cart
  • Product categories, products and variant options
  • Optional real time shipping quotes with UPS and USPS
  • An ecommerce admin panel that is easy to us

Ready to get started? Great!

Our strong background in computer programming, marketing, graphic design and content writing, makes us uniquely qualified to build your new website. In addition, we are reliable and professional. Above all, our sites look good, function well, integrate with social media and are search engine friendly.

Use our online form to help you communicate the key points of your project, your expectations and goals. Alternatively, feel free to email us or call (518) 392-0846 to get started.

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