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WordPress Website Tech Review and Analysis

We manage and maintain dozens of existing sites, in addition to building new WordPress websites. However, before accepting the responsibility of maintaining a website that has been built by another company, we perform a WordPress Technical Review. This allows us to understand the way the site was built and address any high priority issues that we uncover.

In particular, we insist on addressing any security concerns before we do any other work on a site. This is important not only for the security of the website, but also to protect our own systems.

Why is this technical review important?

WordPress Tech Review and Analysis

We believe it is our responsibility to let a site owner know about possible problems they may face with their existing website down the road. We often compare web development to building a house. If the foundation isn’t sound, it may be look fine now, but as soon as you add any weight or try to alter the structure, the whole thing can come tumbling down.

Our WordPress Technical Review policy is to immediately address the high priority issues we find, and to offer recommendations for additional changes, as appropriate. The client can then choose whether or not to have us address the lower priority issues.

Who needs a WordPress Tech Review?

There are several scenarios that could make you a candidate for a technical review:

  • The original developer of your WordPress website is no longer in the picture
  • You wish to change the theme
  • You’re looking to hire someone new to handle:
    • maintenance and security
    • search engine optimization
    • ongoing content updates

What’s the next step?

Every website is different. We can not tell much about the state of a site until we get into the admin area and take a look around. For that reason it’s impossible to know exactly how long an individual WordPress Tech Review will take.

What you’ll need to share

In order for us to do a thorough job, we will need:

  • WordPress admin access – essential
  • Hosting account access – required for some changes that we often recommend
  • Domain registration access – preferred but not required

To start we require a deposit equivalent to four hours’ labor. If there is time left over, we will credit your account. In addition, we’ll let you know if four hours is not enough time to diagnose and fix all problems. If you have questions or wish to start, give us a call at (518) 392-0846 or email [email protected].

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