Which Website Hosting Service Is Best?

website hosting services in Columbia County, NYWe are frequently asked, “Do you provide website hosting?” Our answer sometimes catches prospective clients off guard. We believe web hosting is best left to companies that focus on it exclusively. Like most web developers, we don’t actually run our own web servers. Instead, we offer a fully managed hosting service from a well-respected hosting company, and we’re happy to set up hosting for clients who prefer to manage it themselves.

That brings us to the next question. “Which hosting service do you recommend?”

Our answer depends on individual hosting needs. For example, a large majority of the websites we maintain run on WordPress, and WordPress has specific hosting requirements. Other factors can include how many domains you have, what additional features you need, and how much traffic you expect to get.

We do our best to ensure that the hosting plan we recommend is the best for your purposes. That’s why we regularly evaluate the features and reliability of a variety of hosting services.

After careful consideration, we’ve chosen to resell DreamHosts’s high performance, WordPress-optimized package, which they call DreamPress. We buy it from them at the annual billing rate and offer it to our clients at the monthly billing rate. The difference between the price we pay and the price we charge covers the time we spend managing the account and the risk we take that a client fails to pay.

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