Which Website Hosting Service Is Best?

website hosting services in Columbia County, NYWe are frequently asked, “Do you offer website hosting?” Our answer sometimes catches prospective clients off guard. We intentionally do not offer hosting as a service. Instead, we refer our clients to hosts that meet our service standards and plans that meet the technical requirements of their project. We we believe web hosting is best left to companies that focus on it exclusively.

Some firms mark up website hosting as a revenue center. Some take referral fees in exchange for sending all their business to a one size fits all hosting plan. We are happy to arrange the hosting for you, but you will pay all hosting fees directly to the hosting company.

With this approach we can objectively share pros and cons based on our experience. We’ve seen all sorts of awkward situations arise with indirect hosting over the years. Website hosting is often a convenient way to hide fees or make severing the client relationship difficult. We hope that you find our open approach to hosting refreshing.

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