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825 Main Products

We have been been working with 825 Main Products since they owned Coppola’s Restaurant in Poughkeepsie, NY. In 2011 the restaurant closed to focus on selling their pasta sauces. Our involvement included logo design, sauce label designs, Facebook setup, and website design and development. In 2023 we completed a website redesign giving it a more contemporary look, consolidating content and improving on-site search.

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825 Main website on desktop, tablet and mobile device

The Blue Spruce Inn & Suites

The Blue Spruce Inn & Suites opened as a traditional motel in the 1960s. After a full renovation, they have reopened, now catering to business travelers and families. Our goal with this redesign was to promote a sense of quiet comfort and safe surroundings. The client provided the images and selected the reservation system.

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The Blue Spruce website on desktop, tablet and mobile

Town of Stuyvesant

When the town’s existing development company was no longer able to serve their needs at a reasonable price, they were stuck. Because the site was built with proprietary software, they could not move their website—they had to start over from scratch. The town liked that we were local and had a long history of reputable work. We downloaded and organized more than 20 years of history and nearly 700 individual documents. We transformed the sitemap, optimized the pages, and improved the calendar. The final site is clean and simple, making the content easy to update.

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Town of Stuyvesant NY new website design by Trevellyan.biz

Holmquest Farms. Hudson, NY

When Holmquest Farms dramatically expanded their facility in 2003, they hired us to design a logo and build a new website. Our goal was to bring the excitement of seasonal harvests to the page by using closeup images of fresh food and plants with spectacularly bright colors. In 2023, their 80th anniversary!, they’re back for a redesign.

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Holmquest Farms website layout

Flint Law Firm

We built Flint’s first website back in 2016. Through a series of face-to-face meetings and information gathering forms, we learned about their business. It was important for them to rank high in local search, so we reviewed old content and recommended new topics. (Their previous website had been built by a big company specializing in website development for law firms.)

In 2023, Paul came back to us for a refresh of his brand. New logo, new marketing materials and a new website.

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Flint Law Firm website layout

Columbia County Tourism

When we first built this website back in 2017, there were several goals:

  • make the site mobile-friendly
  • improve back-end usability
  • simplify calendar page
  • review, revise and transfer content
  • add social sharing buttons
  • optimize site for search engines

This time around, May 2022, we replaced the theme, recategorized the database and refreshed the theme. It’s so rewarding to work with clients who come to the table with well-thought-out ideas and who understand the value of a good-looking website.

In 2023, Paul came back to us for a refresh of his brand. New logo, new marketing materials and a new website.

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Columbia County Tourism design refresh

Morris Memorial

The Morris Memorial is the 113 year-old community center in our village, Chatham, NY. Their previous website did not reflect the community or the people that it served and it did not have the functionality that they needed. Our goal was to create a new website that is more useful to the people who use it and is easier for staff to update.

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The Morris Memorial website

North Chatham Free Library

NCFL had a custom website that wasn’t working for them. It was difficult to find things, even harder to update, and the site did not have the small-town feel of the library. The first thing we did was review all the content on a granular level. (The library Website Committee’s work was invaluable here.) Once we understood exactly what information needed to be presented, we started on reorganization and design. (The style and colors for the site were based on an existing logo.) Images were scarce so a photographer was brought in to take good, clear, up-to-date photos.

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North Chatham Free Library website

Banks Fry Bake

This gorgeous new ecommerce website is our second for Fry-Bake. (We built the first one back in 2013.) The new site looks more modern and takes advantage of many new improvements to technology. The site is faster, sleeker and better optimized.

Special thanks to Molinski Photography for their beautiful images.

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FryBake website

Chatham Fire Department

In 2020, Chatham Fire Department’s Membership Coordinator David Levow worked with advertising art director Doug Welch and photographer Peter Zander to create a series of powerful ads featuring Chatham fire fighters. The campaign increased recruitment and earned FASNY’s Recruitment and Retention Award.

In 2021, we volunteered to build a new website for the Chatham Fire Department pro bono, piggybacking on the work that Levow, Welch and Zander started. The new site follows a similar aesthetic and features three pages about the department (history, members, apparatus), an expansive photo gallery, comprehensive volunteer page, and a blog.

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Chatham Fire Department website displayed on desktop, tablet and mobile phone

Patients Rising

This is the second project that we have worked on with this nonprofit advocacy organization. We worked with their writers and directors to create a design that is an evolution of their previous site.

Content will change frequently and they intend to make those changes in house. Reusable modules and consistent formatting will make that as simple as possible.

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Patients Rising website displayed on a desktop computer, tablet and mobile device

Patients Rising Stories

The purpose of this website is to share patient stories about healthcare in America. Our task was to design and build it following the branding elements of Patients Rising, the parent organization.

Using a comprehensive online form, site visitors can submit their own stories. After submissions are reviewed and approved, they are posted to the website and can be browsed on a map or filtered by disease or issue.

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Graphic illustrating Patients Rising Stories website on desktop, tablet and mobile device

Town of Ghent

Initially, we were hired to maintain the content on the Town of Ghent’s existing website. During the tech review we discovered that the theme that was used was no longer being supported by the developer. Therefore, we would need to replace the existing theme with a new one.

Our goal with this design was to bring more of the important content to the top of the page, so users don’t have to scroll down so far to get what they need. We also added publication date and a new set of categories to the blog posts, which will make finding related posts easier. Finally, we improved consistency of formatting to make pages easier to scan.

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New WordPress theme for Town of Ghent website

Town of Claverack

We were initially asked to take over website software maintenance and security for the Town of Claverack. During the tech review we discovered that the theme that was used was no longer being supported by the developer. Therefore, we would need to replace the existing theme with a new one.

The three priorities were:

  • Design a simple layout that would allow for a single image to be changed to reflect the seasons.
  • Integrate the calendar.
  • Prioritize the quicklinks.

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New theme for Town of Claverack website

Chatham Keep Farming

When Chatham Keep Farming was first getting off the ground, we volunteered to build their website for them. That was in 2005. The technology that people use to access websites as well as the technology used to build websites has changed a lot in 15 years. This new website is mobile friendly and is built with WordPress, a content management system that, among other things, simplifies ongoing updates.

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Mockup of Chatham Keep Farming website on desktop, tablet and mobile

Carwile Biebel Consulting

Carwile Biebel is one of our original clients. We built their very first website, as well as designing their print marketing materials. This year we redesigned and rebuilt the site to make it mobile friendly.

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Carwile Biebel Consulting Website screenshots

Columbia County Recovery Kitchen (CCRK)

When CCRK opened, a website was not a priority. However, it quickly became apparent that they would need additional funding. A professional website could make individuals more likely to trust that their contributions would be well-spent.

The Covid-19 pandemic meant that we couldn’t meet our client in person, so all work was done via phone and email. We were given about two pages of information and a handful of photos. From that we developed the layout, logo and all the individual pages.

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Screenshot of the Columbia County Recovery Kitchen website on desktop, tablet and mobile device

The Lily Pond Animal Sanctuary

The Lily Pond began promoting their sanctuary with a strong social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. When they were ready to build on that success by creating a website that enhances their credibility, reputation and authority, they called us. Together we were able to present their story in a clear and interesting way.

  • Expansive gallery with three photo albums
  • Informative FAQs page
  • Easy to update Meet the Animals database
  • Comprehensive Support page

Visit the website.

The Lily Pond website developer

Newton Hook Tree Care

This local arborist had a website previously, but was not happy with the way it looked or how it ranked in search results. Now, Newton Hook Tree Care has a website that truly reflects their knowledge and experience. We worked together carefully to develop content that would drive new traffic and answer all the basic questions that a potential customer might have. Many new services pages were added, as well as an FAQs page and extensive photo gallery.

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Newton Hook Tree Care website developer - displayed on desktop, tablet and mobile

AG Carpentry

When we first met with AG Carpentry, they did not yet have any web presence. Their goal was to create a website for use primarily as a reference tool.

Their new online portfolio for prospective customers is easily browsable, whether on a desktop computer or a mobile device. Most importantly, it can be updated in-house.

Visit the website.

Screenshot of new AG Carpentry website homepage

Gallagher’s Stud

Our goal for this website was to promote a feeling of history, as well as a sense of being current and active. We added large, gorgeous photos of the property in all seasons and created a blog for posting things happening at the farm (from recent race winners to births to new staff.) Finally, we built clear, consistent tables that can be updated quickly and easily.

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Illustration of Gallagher's Stud's new website on desktop, tablet and mobile device.

Help Yourself Win Foundation

Two non-profit organizations, Help Yourself Foundation and Schenectady Win, were planning to merge. They needed a new website to promote the new larger organization: Help Yourself Win Foundation. We worked with them to develop a new site structure that gave the foundation a sense of unity, while clearly explaining the individual programs. We incorporated their old color scheme and logo images. Finally, working with PayPal, we were able to set up a page that allows donors to choose which specific program to support.

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Help Yourself Win Foundation website homepage

Spencertown Academy

This community-oriented organization did a terrific job keeping their old website up-to-date. They also stay in touch with their members through a consistent email marketing schedule, and spread the word throughout the community with well-branded print ads, posters and signage. We were thrilled to be selected to design and build their new website. Their goals included reworking the structure to remove redundant pages, brighten the overall look, and simplify the navigation. They needed an events calendar, photo gallery, and a new area to post links to press coverage.

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Spencertown Academy website homepage displayed on desktop, table and mobile device

Julie Metz

Julie is a New York Times Best Selling Author. When she contacted us, she had a new book in progress. She needed an updated site with new features including an events calendar that could be employed closer to publication and a page of links to print and podcast interviews. Julie is also a graphic designer and how the site would look was very important to her.

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Julie Metz, Hudson NY author's website

Face to Face Courses

This husband and wife team teaches a variety of live classes throughout New York State. In the past, they relied on printed flyers to drive new business. While this worked for many years, they knew they were losing business by not promoting themselves online.

A mobile-friendly, search engine optimized website allows Face to Face Courses to be there when potential customers are looking for a solution to their problem. Rather than hoping someone who wants to take one of their courses happens to be in a place where their printed brochure is available, their website is available to everyone at anytime.

Visit the website.

Julie Metz, Hudson NY author's website

Palampore Fabrics and Hangings

The launch of this website is also the launch of a new business. Owner and designer Alison Kouzmanoff had a crystal clear vision of how the website should look. She shot her own photography, wrote all the copy and provided precise mockups. This allowed us to give her a website that looked just as she had envisioned it.

And as experienced developers, we were able to help her identify important questions and make educated decisions regarding such issues as setting up trade accounts, shipping, and delivery fees.

Visit the website.

Palampore Fabrics and Hangings

Juniors Diesel Repair

Juniors’ outreach had been limited to Facebook and word-of-mouth. Our job was to build a strong and effective website that would drive new business to this diesel repair center in Dutchess County. We based much of the look of their new website on their already existing, highly graphic logo. For content we worked with the owners to clearly explain who they are, what they do, and what makes them different from their competitors.

The result is a strong statement of their commitment to good service and professionalism. Clear calls-to-action guide users to the information that they need quickly and easily.

Visit the website.

Junior's Diesel Repair

Chatham Grill

The Chatham Grill opened in 2016. For two years they had an active Facebook page, but didn’t have a website. Having a website gives them a platform for improved branding, the ability to reach a larger audience, and optimize for search.

The new website clearly reflects the look and feel of the cozy local restaurant. Meant for loyal customers, as well as those who have never been before, the site has a Catering FAQs page, gallery of photos, and news page. Also, we built each menu in a way that is easy for the staff to update themselves.

Visit the website.

Chatham Grill website

Valatie Bar & Grill

When the new owners of the Valatie Bar and Grill purchased this business, there was an existing website. For several reasons they couldn’t continue to rely on the old website so we were asked to register a new domain name, arrange new hosting, and build a new WordPress website that was a truer reflection of the business. We expanded content, sourced new photos, added calendar functionality, and made it easier for the business to update the site themselves.

Visit the website.

Valatie Bar and Grill

The Cascades

This popular restaurant in Hudson, NY needed a new mobile-friendly website.

  • The new look says “high quality, deli-style, casual, and good value.”
  • Authentic, historical black and white photos contrast beautifully with the bright colors of the freshly-prepared food.
  • Menus are easy to read and update.
  • Catering section is easy to understand.
  • Call to action buttons at the bottom of each page make it easy for potential customers to get more information quickly and easily.

Visit the website.

The Cascades Deli and Restaurant in Hudson, NY

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