When Is It Time for a Website Redesign?

Getting your current website up and running probably took a fair amount of time and energy. Is it meeting your expectations? Is it generating interest and converting users into customers? How does it compare with your competitors’ sites? Even if the information on your site hasn’t changed much, it could be time for a redesign.

There are many reasons to consider having your site redesigned:

First impressions

Your website is the public face of your organization and may be your visitor’s first impression of your business. Therefore, you want visitors to see you as thoughtful and attentive, interesting and current. A good website with a fresh design and current content will do that, while a dated and neglected website can cost you customers.

Things get better

The way websites are built and how they work has changed significantly. New technologies have tighter security, enhanced performance, more interesting graphics and better user experiences.

Slow isn’t fast enough

Internet users are impatient. Yesterday we might sit and wait for a page to download. Today, if your pages don’t load quickly your visitors will go elsewhere, slamming the door behind them. A well-done website redesign can take care of this issue.

The rules have changed

Crawler-based search engines determine relevancy by following a set of rules, known as an algorithm. The rules have changed dramatically in the last five years. A site redesign that accounts for these new rules can improve your search engine rankings and your conversion rate.

Users expectations change

The way users navigate, read and interact with your site changes. Today they expect navigation to be found in a place they may not have expected before. They scan instead of reading and disregard anything that looks like advertising. It’s important to be aware of web trends and keep up with them.

Small changes don’t register

Visitors may not even notice small content updates. You need to do more than change “five years in business” to “six years in business” on the homepage to make an impression.

ADA and web standards

An estimated 48.9 million people in the United States have a disability, that’s nearly one out of five. The 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in employment, programs and services, goods and services, and in commercial facilities. The ADA also applies to the cyberspace world. Web sites which are accessible to many of us may be impossible to access for people with disabilities. But ADA compliance shouldn’t be the only reason to make your site fully accessible. Universal design is good for everyone.

Is It Time For A Website Redesign?

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