How Much Does A WordPress Website Cost?

how much does a WordPress website cost?When trying to determine, “How much does a WordPress website cost” it is important to consider what is included in that price. What are the ongoing fees and who will be responsible for ongoing maintenance such as backups and updates?

At, we specialize in WordPress. For our WordPress sites, we offer two options for pricing the website development work that we do: Flat Rate and Time and Materials.

Option 1: Flat Rate

Some clients need to know before the project begins how much their new website is going to cost and our Flat Rate option allows us to quote a fixed price. Knowing what you are getting and how much it will cost can be a reassuring feeling.

It is important to note that Flat Rate proposals:

  • require the client to provide all content upfront, before design begins.
  • have limits with regard to time we will spend making changes.
  • copywriting and copyediting are additional

For smaller websites, an initial deposit of half down is required to start. Final payment is due at launch or one calendar month after start of the Testing phase. Payments for larger sites are due in thirds, with the second payment due after design approval.

Option 2: Time and Materials

Some clients prefer to have the site develop as it is under construction. Rather than planning all content for the site before it is built, the Time and Materials client has the freedom to change the specifications of the project, add new components, or change the look of the site after design approval has been given.

In the Time and Materials option, our time and expenses will be tracked and we will bill every other week, or every 10 hours, whichever comes first. For this option we usually require an initial deposit for 20 hours of design and development time (a smaller deposit may be acceptable for a simple project).

Is Fixed Price or Time-Material Cost Right For You?

In trying to answer the question, “How much does a WordPress website cost?” we try to determine which option makes the most sense for you: Fixed price or Time and Materials? Each have their strengths and weaknesses. Consider the questions below.

How much is managing risk worth to you?

If you know what you want, are very organized, and make decisions easily and decisively, you may get a better price going the Time and Materials route. For us to produce a fixed price quote we have to estimate how much time the project will likely take to coordinate and build, how much back and forth communication there will be with the client for approvals, how much explanation will be required, and how long changes might take. Then we have to make an allowance for unforeseen issues.

With the Fixed Price option, you know the final price. It will not be more or less than the quote, assuming there are no changes to project scope. With the Time and Materials option, there is the possibility of the project costing more or less than the initial estimate.

How important is flexibility to you?

The Time and Materials option provides the greatest flexibility.

So, how much does a WordPress website cost?

If you are interested in getting more information about what goes into quoting a web project, read our blog post: Factors that Contribute to Website Cost. If you are ready to start your own website project, we would love to produce a quote for you. You can start visiting our website design and development page or by filling out our Website Project Form.

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