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Backup Basics

If you store information on a computer, you need backups. All electronic data is at some risk of loss or destruction, whether through equipment failure, user error, malicious ... more


CrashPlan’s unique feature is the “you show me yours and I’ll show you mine” of backup. What I’m talking about is the ability to backup to a friend’s ... more


SpiderOak is a highly capable online backup solution, with competitive pricing in 100GB increments for an unlimited number of computers. Your first 2GB of online storage is free, ... more


When you install the Dropbox application, it creates a special folder under your user folder – this is your ‘Dropbox’. Any files you put in this folder are ... more

Backup Strategies and Solutions

If you’re serious about protecting your data, you need both onsite and offsite backups. Onsite backups provide immediate access to previous versions of files and copies of accidentally ... more

Email Signatures: A Netiquette Tip

Email communications are important. When you deal professionally with email, you and your company will have an important competitive edge. Additionally, by educating employees, you may protect your ... more

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