Robert and Suzanne Trevellyan, 2017

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She’s the designer. He’s the programmer. Together offers everything advertising and I.T. in Columbia County NY and beyond. ... more

Logo Design FAQs

Our Logo Design FAQs can help ensure that you and your designer agree on the fundamentals so that you communicate clearly about your new logo. ... more


Make My Logo Bigger

Why your logo is not the most important element on your website. When presenting a new client with a website mockup, the single most consistent piece of feedback we receive is, ... more

Red paper crane- Suzanne Trevellyan,

Creating A Custom Animated Gif

I was recently hired to create an animated gif to be used as the centerpiece in an email invitation for a fund-raising gala. The direction was minimal. The ... more

Centered Text vs Flush Left Pros and Cons

Centered Text vs Flush Left

When designing a website or any printed material, it is easy to concentrate on how the text looks and forget to pay enough attention to what the text ... more

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