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Do you struggle using a computer? Are there specific tasks that you would like to learn how to do better?

In our one-one-one tutorials, we’ll teach you how to make the most of your computer. Improving your skills will make working with your computer more pleasurable and productive.

Call us at 518.392.0846 or email [email protected].

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We offer one-on-one computer tutorials to help with the basics

Technology is now just part of our everyday lives. That’s why it’s so important to have strong basic computer skills. Our personalized, one-on-one computer instruction is a great way to get started.

You can learn how to:

  • send email
  • add attachments to email
  • set up an address book
  • work with digital photos
  • organize computer files
  • back up computer files
  • clean up the desktop
  • use keyboard shortcuts
  • right-click is your friend

We also offer tutorials for more advanced users

If you’re a more seasoned user, talk to us about the other things you’d like to learn. Are you concerned about computer security? We can teach you the basics of keeping safe online. If you’re running a WordPress-based online store, we can help you be more efficient and effective. Would you like to be more proficient with your favorite software? We can help with that too.

Why choose our service to improve your computer skills? offers a variety of I.T. Services and Computer Repair. We have helped dozens of clients in the Columbia County, NY area to improve their computer skills. To schedule a one-on-one computer tutorial, call Robert at (518) 392-0846 or email [email protected].

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