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Due to Covid-19 concerns, we are not inviting clients to our office at this time. Here’s how the pandemic is affecting our business.

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Robert and Suzanne Trevellyan, 2017

Why Hire Us

He’s the programmer. She’s the designer. Together Trevellyan.biz offers everything advertising and I.T. in Columbia County NY and beyond.

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Online Forms Design Basics

Online Forms Design Basics

The way an online form is designed can impact how easy or difficult it is to complete. There are many small decisions that need to be made. Each design decision can contribute to whether someone fills it out correctly, completely or if at all.

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How social media and search engines affect homepage traffic

How Social Media and Search Engines Affect Homepage Traffic

The homepage was once considered the single most important page on a website. At that time, homepage traffic far outranked all other pages, so everything about the brand was stuffed there. Blog posts, news announcements, image sliders, even social media feeds, were often all jammed onto the homepage.

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