We Build Custom WordPress Websites that Rank Well in Search​

By caring and learning about your business, we take the pain out of developing a website that tells your story and drives business. 
Due to Covid-19 concerns, we are not inviting clients to our office at this time. Here’s how the pandemic is affecting our business.
Five different types of computers to illustrate the blog post "Web Accessibility: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?"

Website Design and Development

Our technical knowledge, experience and commitment ensure that the sites we build have good structure, quality content, an appropriate design and the latest SEO techniques.

Search Engine Optimization - Tips for Improving Your Web Presence

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We use on-site and off-site techniques to provide safe, logical, proven SEO strategies that help drive qualified traffic to your website.

Hosting, Security and Maintanance

We assess the needs of each individual client and find the plan that is the best fit. This ensures maximum performance, making our sites fast, scalable, stable and secure.

Computer Repair & Technical Support

Onsite and remote. PCs and Macs. We specialize in the technical needs of small businesses and residential clients: email issues to virus removal, system maintenance to data backup.

If You Don't Have a Great Website, You're Losing Business

As a small business owner, you wear many hats. You know that a strong website will help your business, but who has the time to build and then maintain it? That’s why we’re here. We take the pain out of building a website that tells your story and drives new business. Then we’ll work with you to ensure that the website is kept secure and up-to-date.

Blog Posts
Robert and Suzanne Trevellyan, 2017

Welcome to Our Blog

She’s the designer. He’s the programmer. Together Trevellyan.biz offers everything advertising and I.T. in Columbia County NY and beyond.

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Online Forms Design Basics

Online Forms Design Basics

The way an online form is designed can impact how easy or difficult it is to complete. There are many small decisions that need to be made. Each design decision can contribute to whether someone fills it out correctly, completely or if at all.

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How social media and search engines affect homepage traffic

How Social Media and Search Engines Affect Homepage Traffic

The homepage was once considered the single most important page on a website. At that time, homepage traffic far outranked all other pages, so everything about the brand was stuffed there. Blog posts, news announcements, image sliders, even social media feeds, were often all jammed onto the homepage.

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How to write a call to action that drives business

How to Write a Call To Action that Drives Business

Creating content is one of the first steps in developing a good website. Once you have written the words and compiled the images, it’s time to start formatting the pages. Subheads and bulleted lists make text easy to scan. Call out quotes and images provide graphic interest. But what does a Call To Action do?

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Email safelist

What is an Email Safelist and Why is it Important?

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective things you can do to grow your business. The more you can learn about the right way to do things (best practices), the more likely you are to be successful. Understanding safelists is a good place to start.

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