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Is it difficult to find time to keep your site up-to-date?
Would you like some help keeping things current?

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Our Content Management Service ensures that your website is consistent, compelling and up-to-date

Launching a website is the culmination of a lot of work. However, it is not the end of the project. For most businesses and organizations, things are constantly evolving. Hours, staff, products and services are just some of the things that need updating frequently. Help keep the content of your website fresh, compelling and accurate. Hire us to handle ongoing content updates.

The best websites are not set-it-and-forget-it time capsules. In fact, old, incorrect or out-of-date information can lose customers. Keep your website fresh and current and you prove by example that you are attentive and competent. Whatever it is that you are selling or providing, an accurate website is evidence that you respect your customers and value their time.

Why frequent content updates are important

  • Your website is the most cost-effective way to keep current and future clients and customers informed. If some content is outdated, why should visitors assume anything on your site is accurate?
  • It can enhance your trustworthiness. An accurate and up-to-date website demonstrates that you can be trusted to stay on top of things and that you communicate well.
  • Frequent content updates can increase return visits. It can take several points of contact to make a sale, so enticing a visitor to return is important. A site that is frequently updated looks active and vibrant. Visitors are more likely return if they think there will be something new on the next visit.
  • Fresh content means more frequent indexing. Search engines, like Google, use bots to index the content of every website on the internet. The more frequently you make updates, the more frequently the bots will return to reindex. This is important because you want the bots to discover changes quickly.
  • It can help increase your authority potential. And this affects how likely your website is to rank on results pages. If Google doesn’t think your website is authoritative, you’re unlikely to rank well in search. Google prefers sites that are updated frequently.

Benefits of hiring someone to manage your website updates

  • It will save you time. Your time is precious. When you can spend your time focusing on your business, you’re focusing on what you do best. Don’t waste time feeling guilty that time got away from you and you didn’t get a chance to make an important update. Be confident that the job will get done. Hire us to handle content management.
  • A professional will probably do a better job of it. Maintaining a website is not rocket science. However, it takes a good deal of time to keep up with the latest software developments, search engine rules and SEO tactics. Our updates will look good, have maximum impact and function properly. Additionally, we are always looking for new ways to drive more traffic and entice new customers. We can make the changes you request. In addition, we can offer suggestions and recommendations for improving content.

Why you can trust us to handle your content updates

  • Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable. Our experience as web developers makes us the perfect candidates to handle website content maintenance. We understand how things work and how one change can have knock-on effects. Additionally, we keep up-to-date with the latest software improvements and SEO techniques.
  • We are reliable and responsible. We’ve been in business since the early 2000s, and have a long list of satisfied and repeat customers. See our testimonials page.
  • Changes will be made in a timely fashion. We understand the importance of making changes quickly and accurately.
  • Our updates look good. There’s more to making a change than simply adding the new content. With a graphic designer and marketing consultant on staff, we ensure that every change looks great and is worded in a way that is most likely to drive new business.
  • We want you to succeed. We have a genuine interest in seeing your business or organization reach its full potential and are excited to help your business in any way that we can.

Is your website living up to your expectations?

One of the most overlooked components of a successful website strategy is ongoing content updates. When you hire us you can feel confident that we will save you time and that we’ll do a great job. Call (518) 392-0846 to speak with us about maintenance of your website content or email [email protected]. Are you interested in other ways to improve your web presence? Visit our Website Services page.

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