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“Content Is King”

Good copywriting engages a visitor and converts a prospect to a customer. Yet, content development and copywriting are often not given the attention they deserve. Content should not be an after-thought. That’s why we use the Content First Design Approach. Rather than starting with the structure, this approach starts with the content. Then, rather than shoving the content into an existing design, we build a structure that supports the content.

Effective content development and copywriting drive traffic.

The single most important element of any website is the content that it contains. It is also the most-time consuming part of the web development project. When we build your website, you can do the content development yourself. Alternatively, you can hire us to create informative and engaging content specific to your business and your audience.

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Well-written copy coupled with a comprehensive keyword strategy is a powerful marketing tool. Without it, your website is just another pretty face. Rather than starting with a structure, we start with the content and build a structure that supports it. If the site visitor doesn’t get the information they need to help them make a decision, then your website is unlikely to convince them buy your product, become your customer, or find your website very useful at all. 

Content Development: Here’s how we start creating premium content.

It all starts with a thorough discussion about your business, products or services, and customers. “What are your goals? How do they compare to your customers’ goals? What action do you want your site visitor to take?” We also ask questions that a potential customer might ask if they could talk to you directly.

From that discussion we create an outline of the subjects to cover. Next, we do a comprehensive keyword review as foundation for search engine optimization. Finally, we start building out the content with words and images. We want to create vibrant website content that presents the information in an engaging way.

Read our blog post Website Content: How Important Is It? for more about the value of professionally written content. Interested in our content development and copywriting services? Please call (518) 392-0846 or email [email protected] to discuss copywriting or any of our web services.

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