Joys and Woes of BSD on Sharp PC-MC24

Sometimes the only thing preventing me from selling a used PC as a complete system, instead of a collection of parts, is the lack of a transferable Windows license. With that in mind, I decided to see what the world of free operating systems has to offer in 2010. Most... more

Sharp PC-MC24 Resurrected

This sweet little laptop was given to me by a very talented friend, with reports of unexpected shutdowns. My first thought was an overheating CPU, which was backed up by the constantly running fan and the smell of hot plastic when I tested it. Sure enough, when I took... more

New Life for Old Laptop

This old Dell Latitude CPx was brought to me after being declared dead by another tech. The known issue was that part of the keyboard didn’t work. It also had a battery that wouldn’t hold any charge and a meagre 128MB of RAM (running Windows XP Professional). I priced... more

Progress on eBay

I just became a PowerSeller on eBay. Shortly afterwards, my status was upgraded to Top-rated seller. A Top-rated seller is a seller who: Consistently receives highest buyers’ ratings Ships items quickly Has earned a track record of excellent service... more

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