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My photo stream stopped syncing on macOS

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In our home office we have three computers synced to the same Apple Photos library. The main desktop computer that we share holds the master library. One laptop and one other desktop sync to it via My Photo Stream. Images added to the main computer get shared to the other computers, while images added to either of the secondary computers get saved locally only.

In the past, when images were added to the main computer, they would almost immediately be available from any computer through My Photo Stream. However, recently, the syncing has been slow, at best. Days, even weeks would pass and the newest images added to the main computer simply were not available on the other computers.

Why is Apple Photos not syncing?

I Googled for an answer. This article from Apple.StackExchange.com came up. The author suggests adding a new image to Photos from the computer on which you want the syncing to work. So that’s what I did. I found an arbitrary image on my desktop and added it to the Photos library and BAM! Photos immediately began syncing all the images that were missing. Adding a new photo from one of the non-main computers seemed to be enough to kickstart the program on all the computers.

It’s only been a couple of days since I tried this experiment. So far so good, the syncing continues to work.

A simple answer to a frustrating My Photo Stream problem

Whenever we come across a simple fix to a frustrating computer problem, we like to share it with our online audience. For months we’d been unable to get our Apple Photos library to share new images with other computers synced on the network. Now that we found something that worked for us, we’re sharing it with you.

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