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Replacing a WordPress theme on your existing website

Why Replace A WordPress Theme?

Theme-based templates and the WordPress Content Management System make WordPress powerful and versatile. This combination of features makes it possible to change the look of a website without having to recreate all the content. But why is knowing about replacing a WordPress theme important?

At some point in time, all WordPress themes will need to be updated or replaced. While WordPress themes simplify the process of changing the look of your website, you should avoid jumping in without any preparation. Replacing a WordPress theme looks simple at first glance, but it will probably take more than a few clicks.

Common reasons to change a WordPress theme:

Changing the theme to alter the appearance

The most obvious reason to change a WordPress theme is to change the look of a website.

Changing the theme because the current theme is unsupported

Just as Microsoft developers maintain and support their software, releasing updates periodically, so WordPress theme developers need to maintain their themes. An unsupported theme is more likely to leave your website vulnerable to hackers. An unsupported theme can also become incompatible with current web servers or modern browsers, which can result in the site not displaying correctly.

Changing to a mobile-friendly theme

If your site was built before everyone had a smartphone or a tablet, it might not be mobile-friendly. If so, people visiting your website will have a miserable experience and will probably leave it quickly and not return. This is one of the most compelling reasons to change your WordPress theme.

Replacing a WordPress theme

Once you decide that you need to change your WordPress theme, the next step will be to choose your new WordPress theme, then review the process for switching to a new WordPress theme.

We are reliable, experienced, and located in the Hudson Valley of New York State. We can replace your current WordPress theme with a high-quality, mobile-friendly option. Alternatively, we can work with you to identify the source of problems with a theme you installed yourself. Call (518) 392-0846 or email us at [email protected]. We work on single projects from beginning to end, or as consultants on an hourly basis.

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