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Slide design tips for effective cinema advertising

You’ve decided it’s time to start advertising at the local movie theatre. Before you begin creating your new slide, there are a few simple slide design rules to follow that will make your ad easier to read and remember.

Rule #1. Your slide must have a clear and concise message

Don’t get too wordy. Limit your promotion to a single product or selling point. Limit the number of words to as few as possible.

Rule #2. Good slide design uses high contrast colors

Use a dark background contrasted with light text.

Rule #3. When it comes to fonts, simple is best

Keep fonts simple, sizes and styles clean. Thin or script fonts can be hard to read, as can fonts that have too much contrast of thick and thin. Mixed upper and lower case is easier to read than all caps.

Rule #4. Style should be clear, clean and crisp

Avoid special effects. Beveled edges and textures may be distracting and often appear blurry.

Rule #5. Be brief

Limit copy to 25 words. Use short phrases that the reader will remember.

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