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Why It Is Important to Update Content Regularly

When we first started building websites in the early 2000s, most sites were simple static brochures. In fact, it wasn’t uncommon for a client to bring their print brochure to us and say, “Here, put this online.” And there the page sat, not updated or added to.

That thinking it is old school now. The new, improved, and far more interesting web is more competitive. Being active, engaged and involved is what we want from our visitors, and to get that we have to be active, engaged and involved, too.

Reasons it is important to update content on your website

  • Few will be convinced to do business with you on their first visit.
    Users want to see new content each time they visit your site. Give them a reason to return and they are more likely to be converted into a loyal customer.
  • New content shows that your business is active.
    Competition is stiff. By showing that you are engaged and interested in providing information, you show that you are committed to your customers.
  • Having common questions presented and answered will save time.
    People are busy. Don’t make those interested in learning more have to pick up the phone to get answers to basic questions such as store hours, credit cards accepted, and pet policy. By offering answers to questions you find yourself answering over and over again, you will save yourself, your staff and your potential clients time.
  • By sharing your knowledge, people will trust your advice and are more likely to want to frequent your business.
    Customers want to frequent businesses that are respected and well-liked. Present yourself as the authority, the expert, and you can improve the public’s perception of you.
  • New content is good for SEO and can influence rankings.
    Google loves fresh, original content. When you update your website frequently Google will trust that you are an engaging, active business and they may rank your site higher in search.
  • More content means more ways for your customers to find you.
    By providing content on a variety of subjects related to your business, you are likely to drive traffic that may be looking for relevant information, yet may not have heard of your business. New content is a good way to drive new business.


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