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Best Jewelry Websites

The jewelry category is a strong and fierce. Our small business has built three jewelry websites for businesses right here in our own county. There is a lot of competition and it can be difficult for the consumer to tell the con from the legit. If they don’t recognize your company name, they are less likely to fork over that credit card information. And if your site looks homemade, you’re in an even tougher spot. Here are a sampling of the Best Jewelry Websites that we found when researching jewelry sites when we were building sites for Van Alstyne Fine Jewelry and Singerman and Post.


This site sells much more than jewelry but their jewelry pages are some of my favorite web pages ever. The photography is just stunning. The textures and the metals and the way the light catches the jewels are just stunning. We’ve mentioned before how important it is for a website selling food to use good photography. It is equally important for the jewelry market. jewelry.novica.com

Novica Website jewelry page

Sundance Catalog

Sundance, like Novica, wells much more than just jewlery, but their jewelry pages are especially compelling. Comparing these two sites you can see how they differ. Novica choose to feature many images on a page, while sundance displays just one or two large photos. www.sundancecatalog.com

Sundance website jewelry page

Ten Thousand Villages

One of the first things to consider when designing your online catalog is – what color background makes the most sense for my product? Try different options, determine which works best and stick to it. This website, for example, uses a stark white background on most of their images. Sundance uses a variation on the light or lightly painted wood. Novica appears to use something different for each shot, but looking closer you can see that they are all variations on the “nature” theme. Being consistent will give your site a more consistent look. www.tenthousandvillages.com

Ten Thousand Villages website jewelry page

Freshie & Zero

The color scheme of this site, so fresh and light and open, compliments the young and delicate jewelry of Freshie & Zero. I particularly like the vertical navigation, simple to use, easy to follow, and it doesn’t detract from the real star of this site, the jewelry. freshieandzero.com

Freshie and Zero website homepage

Gabrielle Handmade Jewelry

The feature I love of this site best is the closeup view of the jewelry pieces. Because much of the work is intricate and monochromatic, it is difficult to see the delicacy of the pieces from far away. www.gabriellejewelry.com

Gabrielle website homepage

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