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Best Tile Websites

Before we begin a new website project, we review hundreds of other websites from within the same industry. From this exercise we compile a list of our favorites (and not so favorites). This is a good starting point for discussing with the client what they might and might not like. We invite you to visit our list of The Best Tile websites and we hope that it gives you ideas for your own business.

Fire Clay Tile

I just love the stark simplicity of this artisan tile website.The way they display their tile selection is particularly appealing. It is probably the most attractive catalog-style layout that I have ever seen. Sadly, the site is not mobile responsive. www.fireclaytile.com

Fireclay Tile website homepage


Content is king when it comes to getting found online. By addressing common questions and concerns of those in the market for your product you can drive traffic to your site, even if the visitor has never heard of your company. This company does an excellent job of answering some very basic questions about the industry in general and their products in particular. By providing these answers with no strings attached, Marazzi is on their way to earning the trust and confidence of that potential customer. www.marazziusa.com

Marazzi website homepage


There are so many things to like about this website, but let’s start with the navigation. This site’s vertical navigation is both appealing and useful. Set in a stark white column, below the yellow logo, the navigation titles stand out clearly without overwhelming the design. Also, vertical navigation is more flexible than a horizontal structure because the space is not limited to the width of the web page. This company can continue to add navigation titles without worrying about running out of room. www.flor.com

Flor website homepage

Oregon Tile and Marble 

The catalog portion of this website contains wonderful descriptions of each tile in their inventory, which can make the products more appealing to the visitor, and search engines love it! Unfortunately this site is not mobile responsive. www.oregontileandmarble.com

Oregon Tile website homepage

Invision Broadloom + Modular Carpets

A very simple, easy to navigate layout that is fully responsive. www.jjflooringgroup.com

Invision website homepage

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