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How to use business reply mail and customer comment cards

Most unsatisfied customers never complain. It’s easier for them to just move on to your competitor. So how can you really know what your customers think? Ask! Customer comment cards allow you to learn important information from your customers. Find out what they like, and more importantly don’t like, about your business. Studies show that Business Reply Mail increases the chances that your comment card will be returned.

Make it easy for your customers to answer your questions honestly. If you’re mailing l a comment card, then make sure it’s self-addressed with postage paid. Customers will answer your questions privately, then drop it in any mailbox, and the card will be returned to you. Studies done using Business Reply Mail consistently have higher response rates than those requiring respondents to affix a stamp.

But how does Business Reply Mail work?

Business Reply Mail (BRM), offered by the US Postal Service, allows your customers to return by mail your preprinted card at no cost to them. The business pays the postage and a per piece fee only for the pieces returned. For instance, if 10,000 pieces are sent out, and there is a 1% response rate, then postage will be due for only the 100 pieces that were mailed back.

There are two types of BRM: Business and High Volume

Basic BRM is suitable if fewer than 890 returned pieces are expected in one year, while High Volume BRM is suggested if more than 890 responses a year are expected. Both require that you open a post office account and purchase a permit.

To obtain a BRM permit, visit your local Post Office or give us a call at (518) 392-0846 and we’ll handle it for you. Learn more about our Graphic Design services.

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