What should I do about this domain suspension notice email I received?

Have you recently received a domain suspension notice by email? Are you unsure what to do about it?

Here’s one of several emails we received recently, claiming to be for a domain belonging to one of our clients:

fake domain suspension notice

What to do if you receive a domain suspension notice.

The first thing to do is check if your website is still working. Open your browser and enter the address of your website in the address bar. If your website is still working, then the suspension notice email is bogus, just like the one above.

Do not, under any circumstances, click any of the links in the email.

If your site is not working, contact your hosting company or domain registrar directly. Find out if your domain really has been suspended. There is a chance that your site has been hacked and someone is using your account to send out spam or deliver malware. If so, contact us, your web developer, or your hosting company for help.

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