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Email marketing benefits for business and nonprofits

Email marketing benefits

Email marketing is the most cost-effective mode of advertising. The costs are minimal, and when done properly, your return on investment can be off the charts. Your easiest source of new revenue will come from those who are already loyal to you, because it is far less expensive to convince someone to buy from you when they are already sold on the company. Email delivers your message directly to your customers at a time that is convenient for them.

When you run an ad in any publication or mass media venue, most of the audience are not be in the market for what you are selling – and that’s if they even see your ad at all! In most cases the ads are filler for the content that they are there to see. They aren’t looking for your ad. They’re there for another reason altogether.

Email is different. Those who subscribe to your list are asking you to stay in touch. They want to know about sales and events. They want to be an active part of your community. They are already familiar with who you are and what you sell. Whether you offer a seasonal newsletter, birthday coupons, or sales flyers, by using email in a responsible and professional way, you are helping your customers feel connected to your business, and by building that connection you are strengthening brand loyalty. And you know, one of the biggest email marketing benefits is that these people are likely to generate referrals, too!

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