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Facebook business page: what should we post?

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You’ve registered your Facebook business page, but now what do you do? What kind of content do your customers and your potential customers want to see? Social media doesn’t mean one person or one organization just spewing advertising onto some online platform. Social media is meant to be amusing, entertaining, engaging, and interactive—social.

The 80/20 Rule

Many experts recommend the 80/20 rule. This means that 80% of the content that you post to your Facebook business page should be of interest to your audience and engage them in conversation, while only 20% of your content should promote your brand.

The 50/30/20 Rule

Others prefer the 50/30/20 rule. In this scenario, 50% of the posts you make should be interesting and entertaining, 30% should be helpful, and only 20% should be sales-directed.

While these rules are different, you can see that the key point is the same. Only 20% of your business Facebook page content should be advertising. All the other posts should focus on keeping your fans entertained and interested.

What content should you post on your Facebook business page?

If you’re in business, you are probably reading trade journals and other publications that cover your industry. If you come across an article that you think might interest your customers, consider posting a link to that article on your business Facebook page.

Offers and sales

We know that it’s easier to sell to someone who is already a customer than it is to sell to someone who isn’t, so it makes sense to let your existing customers know about your current sale. They’re the ones most likely to respond and they’re likely to bring someone new with them.


Think about the things that make you laugh and cry, things that make you feel closer to someone or develop loyalty to a business. Whether it’s a sweet story about a child who visited your business or a time when you went above and beyond to help a customer, your fans what to know about this.

Behind-the-scenes shots

Did you just get in a new shipment? Show your fans on your Facebook business page! Have you just installed a new piece of equipment that will improve your service? Take a picture and post it. Anything that happens in your business or organization can be a potential Facebook post.


Yes, you should even post selfies! Someone’s always having a birthday. Take a photo of the group celebrating and post it. Participating in a trade show? Post it. Completed business training? Let your customers know.

Ask fans about business decisions

Are you considering offering a new product or service, but not sure if there’s a demand? As your Facebook fans.


As we mentioned earlier in this article, Facebook isn’t the venue for just throwing out information. The goal of any good Facebook page should be to engage and encourage interaction. One way to make your fans feel involved is to ask them questions. These questions can be related to your business, your product, or your industry. However, we caution you to stay away from controversial subjects.

Photos of your product in use

Be creative when posting photos of your product in use. You don’t want your fans to feel that you are just pushing product at them. Show them how they can use your product in new ways that will catch their attention and make them think.

Reward your customers with attention

Spotlight fans and customers in your posts. A happy, smiling customer can go a long way to building authenticity and believability.

Having a truly interesting and effective Facebook page takes time and genuine thought and effort. The folks who do a good job with their Facebook page don’t just sit back on their laurels. They are constantly working to make their page stand out. If you’re prepared to take the time, we believe that a good Facebook page can help strengthen the loyalty your customers have to your business.

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