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Gmail setup: how to set up a Gmail account

There are as many reasons to learn about gmail setup. There are other email providers that you may have heard of: Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, and others. With so many options, how does one decide?

The option that we use and recommend is Gmail. Gmail is free, has plenty of storage, does a good job of spam filtering, and you can access your email anywhere there’s an internet connection. Best of all, Gmail comes with powerful business tools that are also free.

Setting up a Gmail account is easy and only takes a few minutes.

1. Type gmail.com in the address bar of your browser and press Enter. Google Gmail Address bar2. On this page, near the middle of your screen, click on “Create an account.”

Create a Google Gmail account

3. Complete The Form

Complete the form
  1. First Name, Last Name
  2. Choose Your Username 
(This has to be something not already in use. Try combinations of your first and last names, initials, try putting a period (.) between your names. Keep checking availability until you find a login name that is accepted.)
  3. Create A Password – come up with something at least 12 characters long, that isn’t a real word, that you can remember. Include punctuation and numbers to make it more difficult for someone to guess.
  4. Confirm Your Password – retype the password you chose in #3
  5. Birthday – use your real birthday. If you use a fake birth date and then forget it, recovering control of a hacked account will be harder, if not impossible.
  6. Gender
  7. Mobile Phone – this field is not required. If provided, it will be easier to recover control of a hacked account.
  8. Current Email Address – this field is not required
  9. Prove You’re Not a Robot – Google just wants to make sure you’re a real person.
  10. Location – should have been set automatically.
  11. Read the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If you agree, check the box.

Congratulations, you now have a Gmail account!

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