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Publicizing community events to drive more traffic to your website

Publicize community events to drive more web traffic

Hosting an event is a great way to increase brand recognition, build trust, generate income, and make face to face connections. But have you considered the benefits that promoting another’s community event can have on your own business?

While you may not have considered this, your organization is likely part of several communities. One community is the one that is based on where you are located. But you may also belong to a business-based community, an interest group or a cultural group.

When you can identify other like-minded groups, you may be able to multiply your reach. In retail, we call this cross-promotion: using one product or service to promote another. The idea is to promote different brands with similar audiences.

Begin by identifying common points of interest with other communities. Attend their events, build relationships and offer to promote their activities. If they are of a similar mind, it is very likely that your audience would also be interested to know about their event. When members of a community come together to support each other, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Of course, we aren’t suggesting that you share every single local community event. Be selective. Consider whether or not your audience would be interested in this information. How does it relate to what your organization does? Where is the overlap?

How you can help share others’ community event information

Social media

  • Assuming you have social media pages for your organization (and if you don’t you should!), begin by liking or following the pages of the organizations in your communities. 
  • Regardless of which platforms you are using, when a post appears that you think would be good to share, do it.

Word of mouth

You know what they say, “the best kind of advertising is word-of-mouth.” Whether or not that’s really true (see our related blog post), it is true that consumers often trust referrals from their friends and family above all else. So don’t be afraid to share news of the event.


  • If the event is particularly relevant to your organization, consider becoming a sponsor.
  • Sponsorships, especially when they are directed at your target audience, can increase visibility for your organization. It can also help build your reputation as supportive and community-minded.

Your website

  • If your website has a calendar of events, add the event you want to promote and note that it’s a “community event.” Be sure to link back to the event host’s website for more information. Even better, link directly to the entry in their online calendar.
  • If your organization decides to get involved in the event, consider adding a blog post on your website that explains what the event is about and why you are participating.

How cross-promotion of community events can expand the reach of your own promotions

Try to connect with as many facets of your community as possible. By cross-promoting others’ events you can help build your own reputation. When others see you promoting their events, they may be more likely to help promote your organization, too.

If your organization needs help promoting an upcoming event, give us a call at (518) 392-0846 or email [email protected]. We can help.

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