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Website type: what kind fits your needs?

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Three website types

At Trevellyan.biz, we offer three levels of WordPress website development. Below we have outlined the fundamental differences between the three types. Each has its own pros and cons. The one you choose will depend on your needs and your budget.

1. Custom design

All WordPress websites are built with themes (sometimes called templates). Some themes are fixed and rigid, while others are more flexible. We start by choosing a high quality, general-purpose theme, and then we customize it according the individual client’s unique requirements. All designs are 100% custom, based on the style and demands of the business and technical requirements of the project.

2. Custom design with basic eCommerce

The second website type we offer is custom design with basic eCommerce. The style and layout of the website is 100% custom as described above. The eCommerce portion of the site is created using off-the-shelf components, which we adjust to conform with the style and layout of the core website.

3. More customization, more complex, larger site, custom eCommerce

This website type offers the greatest flexibility and customization. We design all areas of the site to fit your specific needs, and we’re ready to add custom functionality to the core site or the eCommerce component.

How changes to any of our custom websites are made

Regardless of the type of website we build for you, you always have the option of making changes to the content yourself or having us make the changes for you. Some business owners like to have us make changes to the website because it gives them more time to concentrate on running their business. Others want to be hands-on all the time, and prefer to update site content themselves. Whichever option you chose, remember that website visitors can lose interest when a site becomes stale or has not been maintained properly.

A. The designer makes changes

Having someone experienced maintain your site can be the difference between the site working or not working.

When we make the changes, we test the site after every edit, making sure that the change looks good and has not affected anything else on the page. In addition, we make regular backups, so a copy of the site is always available for recovery. This means if something goes wrong, little time or information will be lost.

B. The client makes the changes

If you have solid computer skills, you will be able to add and delete pages, change navigation links, and change photos and text on every page. You do not need to know HTML to update the websites that we build.

Each website development project we undertake includes the option of having a one-on-one tutorial demonstrating how to make changes to the site. While it is not difficult to learn, it isn’t something you should expect to be able to do without any instruction.

What website type makes sense for you?

If you have additional questions about website types, visit our website development services page, call (518) 392-0846 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, you can tell us about your project by completing our online form.

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