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We’re in the news

In September of 2017, we were quoted in an article on the blog Fit Small Business. The expansive blog post addressed 29 Professional Email Etiquette Tips from the Pros.

Twenty-nine individual professionals from across the country were quoted regarding some aspect of email etiquette. Our article “Chain Letters: A Netiquette Tip: Why You Should Not Forward Chain Letters” was quoted as #28.

When it comes to correspondence, it has always been important to understand what is considered professional and what is considered unprofessional. With so much business being conducted through email now, it’s crucial that the distinctions be clear in our own minds. Even a simple, unintended mistake can negatively affect both one’s career and one’s reputation.

Here’s a screenshot of the article.

28. Never forward jokes, spam, or chain letters. Suzanne Trevellyan, Trevellyan.biz

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