Is Cinema Advertising A Good Fit For Your Business?

When analyzing different advertising venues, one option that is often overlooked is cinema advertising. For businesses that want to reach residents, this can be a cost-effective option. For advertisers who are looking to draw business from nearby, local cinema advertising can be a good fit. One and two-screen theaters draw people who generally live within a seven to 10-mile radius, who have already developed a pattern of patronizing local businesses. Megaplexes and larger regional cinemas draw from a wider area.

Unlike most other advertising vehicles, movie audiences are much less likely to be distracted by other activities. Without a remote control, video game or full refrigerator to fight for their attention, most moviegoers focus their attention straight ahead, at the movie screen. In fact, a 2008 study by IMMI research found that moviegoers are 157% more likely to see ads in a cinema compared to other media measured.

What does it cost?

Rates for on-screen advertising vary. Below are base rates for a handful of local movie theaters that offer on-screen advertising. (Please note: this article was written in 2011.)

  • Crandell Theatre in Chatham averages 2000-2500 people/month and the fee is $60/month.
  • Cinema 1-2-3 in Hudson averages 4500-5000 people/month and the fee is $100/month.
  • The Spectrum in Albany averages 5000 people per month and the fee is $375/month.

How do you know if one these opportunities is right for your business? Start by thinking about what groups of people are most likely to be your customers (consider age, gender, income, etc). Then contact each theatre directly. They can provide you with their audience’s unique demographics and more details about their advertising opportunities.

If you are would like to learn more about onscreen cinema advertising, please call 518.392.0846 or email [email protected].

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