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Email attachments: a netiquette tip

Email communications are important. When you deal professionally with it, you and your company will have an important competitive edge. Additionally, by educating employees, you protect your company from awkward liability issues.

Sending emails attachments

Understanding and courtesy are two factors often overlooked when sending email. Don’t use email attachments just because they are convenient. Below are three things to consideration before sending email attachments.

  1. Determine the file’s size. As a rule of thumb, anything over 1M should be compressed.Check with the intended recipient before sending and request confirmation afterward.
  2. Determine the file’s format. While you may have Word or Excel on your computer, there is no guarantee that the receiver will. Whenever possible, ask what format the receiver prefers before sending. Use the Save As or Export option to save the file in a file format that is more universal. If the recipient doesn’t need to be able to edit the file, consider using PDF format. Acrobat Reader, which can be used to open PDFs, is a free download. You are almost guaranteed that the person will be able to open it, and all styling and formatting will stay in tact.
  3. Always ask before sending email attachments.

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