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LinkedIn: 13 tips for optimizing your profile

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1. Include a personal photo

There are fake profiles on LinkedIn, so you want to show that you are real. Logos or pet photos are not worthy alternatives to a photo of you.

2. Brand your headline

See that space underneath your name?  That is your Profile Headline. It will appear in search results next to your name, as well as next to any questions you ask or answer. Don’t just put your title and company name here.

3. Keep hour “what are you working on” box current

Due to the proximity to your name and profile headline, what you write here is likely to be read. Also, your contacts may get a regular email with a summary of status updates of their contacts. When you change your status, your update will be included in that email. It’s a great way to stay top of mind with your clients.

4. List enough companies worked at and schools attended

One of the ways you are found on LinkedIn is through searches on company names or schools. If you are only listing your current company, you are missing out.

5. Write at least three LinkedIn recommendations

You need to do this in order to get your LinkedIn Profile to 100% Completion. And LinkedIn says you’re 40 times more likely to turn up in a search if your profile is complete.

6. Seek meaningful recommendations from colleagues and friends

Don’t be afraid to ask for a recommendation, and don’t forget to say thank you when you receive one.

7. Make connections

The more connections you have the more search results you will appear in. Browse connections for people you know.

Link to your Twitter profile, Facebook, Instagram, your company website, the civic organization where you serve – anything that you want to be associated with. And you will be adding to the search engine optimization of your own website by listing it here!

9. Claim your personal URL

When you sign up to LinkedIn you are provided a public URL which you can include on your email signature or anywhere else you’d like to direct people to your LinkedIn Profile. You can customize this URL when you edit your profile.

10. Brand your summary with keywords

As with the Executive Summary of your resume, use keywords that you want to be associated with.

11. Give descriptions for each job listed

Job titles don’t necessarily describe what your responsibilities were. Job descriptions add keywords to your profile that will help you to be found.

12. Join applicable groups

  • There are three main benefits to joining a group.
  • Engage in professional discussions.
  • Easily contact group members
  • LinkedIn groups offers a jobs section, which is separate from the jobs listed on the LinkedIn job board. Jobs can be posted for free in groups. (Keep in mind that although group members will not be able to see your email address unless you have already made a direct connection, everyone within the group may contact you directly via LinkedIn.)

13. Make sure people learn about you, not just your job history

LinkedIn is not a resume. It’s a tool for personal branding. People want to know about you, not just what you do but what makes you tick, what your interests are, and what you’re passionate about. Keep it professional, of course.

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