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How important is your email marketing list?

Email Marketing List

A comprehensive list of your customers’ email addresses is one of your business’ most valuable assets. Everyone on your email marketing list has given you permission to contact them directly. In fact, they are asking you to stay in touch. They want you to provide them with more information about your business. They want you to give them a reason to be even more loyal than they already are.

Without an email marketing list, you are missing out on one of the least expensive and most cost-effective forms of advertising. When you advertise in print, on tv, radio or digital, you are blanketing an entire segment of the population with information they are not asking for. Your ads are in fact interrupting the information they are trying to access.

Your email list is valuable because those on it want to hear from you

When your customers willingly sign up for your email list, this means that you have earned their trust. This makes them far more likely to read your email with an open mind and less likely to be annoyed that you’re trying to take their attention away from something else. Email subscribers are more inclined to be motivated by the information you’re providing than someone who has no connection with you. Your subscribers want to continue to do business with you and they’re asking for a reason to return.

Most people are still hesitant, or at least cautious, about who they do business with online. The people who sign up for your email list want to stay connected to you, but they have their own lives to lead. Without an occasional nudge, even their favorite places can easily fall off their radar. Email lists allow your to stay connected with your customers. The information you provide in the email can give them the reason they need to return.

What’s the first step to building an email marketing list?

If you don’t have an email marketing list, start building one now. Learn about do-it-yourself online email marketing services such as Constant Contact, iContact and MailChimp. Add sign up forms to your website and social media pages. It isn’t too early to begin collecting addresses, even if you don’t have an email marketing strategy or campaign figured out. It’ll take time to build your list so there’s no reason to wait. Once your list starts to grow you’ll become motivated and excited to start communicating with your customers.

If you’d like help choosing an email marketing company, setting up your account, starting your list, or integrating the sign up forms on your website, give us a call at (518) 392-0846 or email [email protected]. We can even manage your ongoing campaigns for you. Learn more about our email marketing services.

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