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8 Ideas to Inspire Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

Ideas to inspire your next email marketing campaign

Marketing trends come and go, but one technique that continues to prove its efficiency and effectiveness is Email Marketing. A well thought out and well designed email marketing campaign has the power to perform and convert.

To maintain loyalty and spur sales, communicate regularly with your audience. You’ll find that your email marketing campaign strategy will be key to driving repeat sales. Build a strong list, create a compelling strategy, and adhere to a regular schedule, and you will see a positive impact on your bottom line.

But like anything you do frequently, after some time it can become difficult to produce fresh ideas. You may find it challenging to find new ways to present the information you want to share. Without a healthy dose of inspiration, your email marketing pieces can start to get a little boring. And if you’re bored with the message, your audience is unlikely to find it interesting either.

Frame your content and create excitement about your email marketing campaign.


The most common type of email is promotional. A promotional email is focused on a specific product or service. This can include a coupon or a discount, it might even promote an event. To create a sense of urgency, a promotional email should be offered for a limited time only.

New Product

Let your subscribers be the first to find out about a new product or service. If it solves a specific problem, state the problem and explain how it will help.

Best Seller

Considering sending an email that highlights one of your most popular products. Explain why it’s so special, include a photo of it being used, get testimonials from customers who have purchased it.

In The News

Make the most of any media coverage that your company receives. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn. Create an email that either links to the piece or summarizes it, and share it with your audience.

Be The Expert In Your Field

Authority marketing asserts that when you become the expert, clients will come to you. By using your expertise, you can build your reputation. Think about who your customers are and what information they would find valuable. Share what you know and others will begin to respect you for your knowledge and generosity.


Create an email to send specifically to new subscribers on your list. Make a good first impression and it will benefit your brand.


The most persuasive sales messages don’t necessarily come from you. A testimonial from a satisfied customer is more credible and is likely to have more influence.


Trying to figure out what your customers really think can be daunting. Rather than trying to guess, use questionnaires. This will help you better understand your customers and it will provide them with the products and services that they really want.

Innovate, evolve and plan.

We have provided eight specific ideas to inspire your next email marketing campaign. When creating the schedule, mix it up. Use a variety of email types. With time, you’ll see that email is an effective way to generate sales and leads.

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