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Using social networks to drive traffic to your website

Increase website traffic using social networks

Social networks can be an important source of web traffic. But which platform makes the most sense for your organization? While this seems like a simple enough question, it isn’t a black and white answer. The right choice will depend on the audience you wish to target, the type of content you have to share, and your own personal familiarity and comfort level.

Which social media makes sense for your brand?

First, consider which social media platform your target audience uses most. You can determine this by reviewing the latest statistics comparing the audiences of the most popular platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and TikTok.

Second, determine which platform you will do the best job with. For example, TikTok requires good filming and editing skills. Instagram relies heavily on powerful photographs and illustrations. If you’re not able to provide the kind of content that the platform demands, you are unlikely to be successful.

Choose the social media platform(s) that is already attracting the audience you want to reach and the one where you’ll do the best job. Start slow by simply listening and watching. Follow other similar business. What type of content gets the best response? Do particular images power more interaction? Are open-ended questions effective?

Rather than jumping in with both feet, take baby steps. Learn what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. Make a big splash, but not a negative one. Once you get comfortable with one platform, you may decide to expand to another.

Make it a habit

One way to be successful with social networks is to develop a process that makes creating and publishing posts part of a routine. Develop a system that makes posting and reviewing a habit. Then you’ll never have to worry, “What am I going to say? Am I posting enough? Is this really working?”

  • Write a post for each event and significant accomplishment.
  • Write a post to announce each upcoming event registration closing.
  • When an event or project is complete, write a summary post. Detail the goal, the steps that were made to achieve the goal, and your final results. Don’t forget to thank those who helped you meet your goal.

Social networks are social

Getting others to share your news through their social networks will help to spread the word exponentially. Don’t be afraid to ask fans and staff to share your posts. The more it gets shared, the better you will do.

The importance of images

Posting photos that supplement the words can draw more attention and increase engagement because images are easier to consume than straight text. Therefore, every social media post should include the most interesting and highest quality image you can provide. Images not only attract more attention but also spark emotions, drawing readers in and making efforts memorable. 

  • Content paired with an image attracted 94% more views on average than content without visuals. (MDG Advertising)
  • Facebook posts with images see 2.3X more engagement than those without images. (Buzzsumo)
  • Adding a photo URL to your tweet can boost retweets by 35%. (Media Blog)

Driving traffic to your website using social networks

You may find that getting started with social networking can be a little daunting. That’s why we recommend starting with a platform you’re familiar with. Make a list of things you can post about regularly and be consistent. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Keep track of what works and what doesn’t work.

If you’d like more ideas about what content to post on your social media, read our article “Facebook Business Page: What Should We Post?” The ideas in the article are not strictly for Facebook posts, they can be used for any social media.

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