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Content ideas to drive website traffic


The single most important element of any website, blog or social media page is the information it contains. Pretty pictures are nice, an intuitive design is important, but it is the words on the page that is going to drive traffic to your site.

Good content is what keeps people interested and it’s what brings them back. Few people are going to be moved to do business with you upon their very first interaction. By providing content you are reinforcing the idea that your business is an authority (an expert), and that you are interested in being of service. The more times a visitor returns, the more likely they will be converted to being a loyal customer.

It can be daunting sometimes to come up with new ideas for content. We’ve created this list below to help you develop new ideas for your own website.

Website content ideas

  1. Industry news – statistics and research
  2. Company news
  3. Testimonials
  4. Resources
  5. FAQs
  6. What are your competitors doing?
  7. Myth and misconceptions
  8. Guides and tutorials on how to use your products/services
  9. Your views and opinions about articles you read
  10. Case studies of your customers’ successes

Do you have content ideas that we haven’t mentioned? Post your ideas here by leaving a comment.

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