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How Google Panda may affect your website’s search engine ranking

At Trevellyan.biz, we love great looking sites, sites that function intuitively and that load fast. But do you know what we believe to be the single most important element of a good website? Content, good content.

And today content is even more important, because Google has increased its relevance in determining site ranking.

Panda is a new algorithm that Google uses to give better search results. This algorithm fights against low quality and copied website content by concentrating on uniqueness and originality. Google Panda affects sites that contain low quality or poorly written articles, content that is simply cut and pasted from other websites, non-informational content and content that isn’t updated regularly.

What does Google Panda mean to your site?

It means that content is key to your site’s rankings. Whether you’re writing a blog or submitting content to a website, be careful of the postings you’re making. To benefit from Google’s new algorithm, make sure that they are they relevant, unique and original.

While Google likes to keep the details of its algorithms private, two Google engineers, in an interview with Wired Magazine, summarized the factors which make a site vulnerable to Panda. While none of these factors on their own appears to change a ranking, multiple factors will likely result in a negative impact.

  • High bounce rate on page or site. (A bounce occurs when a visitor only views a single page on a website.)
  • Low visit times on page or site.
  • Low percentage of users returning to a site.
  • Low click through percentage from Google’s results pages (for page or site).
  • High percentage of boilerplate content (the same on every page).
  • Low or no quality inbound links to a page or site (by count or percentage).
  • Low or no mentions or links to a page or site in social media and from other sites.
  • High amount of content that doesn’t match search queries for the page (e.g. ads).
  • Unnatural repetition of a word on a page.

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